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Niches inside Church

An alternative to a traditional Cemetery in El Paso


La Paz Faith Memorial & Spiritual Center is a non-denominational sanctuary which caters to the needs of our community. We offer niches in onyx, marble, granite and crystal. We also offer inurnment ceremonies, masses and can provide you with a hall if you should need a place to gather family and friends.


La Paz Faith offers a diversity of indoor niche choices including five locations within the center, urn capacity (1-4 urns) urn selection, forms of memorialization and specialized offers for multi-unit procurement for families, groups and religious organizations. Our niches are protected from factors such as rain, heat and snow because it is located inside a safe and controlled environment.


https://www.lapazfaithcenter.org/home.html <title>Indoor Columbarium - - El Paso, Tx</title> <meta name="description" content="La Paz Faith Center is El Paso's largest Indoor Columbarium, we have the largest selection of Niches in El Paso.">
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Largest Indoor Columbarium in El Paso


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If you are looking for an alternative to a Cemetery in El Paso

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Previously Manhattan Presbyterian La Paz Faith Center sits in a Historical Area, making us the most centrally located Indoor Columbarium in El Paso.