When you first enter the doors of La Paz Faith Memorial & Spiritual Center, you are reminded of the great churches of Europe. Within minutes, you feel as if you are taken back into history and recognize that this architectural wonder is more than a consecrated building for prayer, religious services and funeral tributes.

Located in the Manhattan Heights Historical District, just north of the 5 Points area, La Paz Faith is very centrally located.
The building was created in 1950 and is considered one of the architectural jewels of El Paso, Texas.
The facility was been preserved to maintain its historical integrity. The center is open to all faiths and is comprised of a main temple, chapels, and a specialized columbarium, which offers traditional and contemporary personalized choices of niches as an affordable alternative to a cemetery.

The use of cremation is increasing worldwide as more people are utilizing this alternative as the preferred means of final disposition for their loved ones.  For families, a columbarium is the perfect choice to have the cremated remains housed in a safe and secure environment. In addition, the columbarium can ensure that future generations ca
n be placed close to one another. 

La Paz Faith is a unique addition to the already growing 5 points area, and even more so to El Paso and the surrounding area.

History of La Paz Faith
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